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Turunç Diary

Anonymous diarists are an established part of many national newspapers: "Prufrock" in "The Times" and "Beachcomber" in the "The Express" are perhaps two of the best known examples.

Not to be outdone, here at myTurunç.com we now have our very own mystery correspondents!

Dedikodu Kız Seyahat Adam

Our diarists have chosen to write under the pseudonyms "Dedikodu Kız" and "Seyahat Adam".

Resident in Turunç, Dedikodu Kız and Seyahat Adam will provide occasional articles about the changing life of the village throughout the year. We are sure that all our website visitors will find these journals interesting and informative.

Diary entries began in November 2010 and have continued over the intervening winters.  They form a fascinating record of life in the village over the past 12 years and we know from our viewing statistics that they are eagerly awaited: enjoy!






Please let us have your feedback on this Diary by e-mailing us at:

We'll be sure to pass this on to our mystery diarist and hopefully this will encourage "Dedikodu Kız" and "Seyahat Adam" to continue providing us with such great pictures and insight into village life in Turunç.