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Turunç - Visitor Information & Directory

Merhaba! Welcome to myTurunç.com - the definitive, English-language, directory and information website for visitors to Turunç village in Turkey.

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What's new?

"Welcome back Turunc Diary readers. Who'd have thought it would be a whole year with no updates! You might think there'd be loads to read about but not much has really happened."

In the April 2021 Turunç Diary our mystery diarist "Dedikodu Kız" shares news and pictures of village life after a year of changing circumstances ... open to tourists, closed to tourists, locked down, partially open, locked down again!

Dedikodu Kız

To all our website supporters - whether holiday visitors or village residents - kendine iyi bak (stay safe and well) and let's all look forward to better times ahead.

Don't forget ...

... to share your experiences of Turunç.

If you've had a great day out why not send us a Holiday Memory - just a few paragraphs and some pictures - we'll do all the editing.

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About this website

The site is organised into four areas to help you enjoy your visit to this beautiful village.


Our Village Guide contains a wealth of useful facts and guides to help you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Turunç and the surrounding area.

It is regularly updated with fresh tips and news so please keep checking back.


In the Directory you will find information on a wide range of businesses in Turunç - restaurants, bars, shops, travel agencies. places to stay - and much more.

If your favourite business is not here - then ask them why and tell them what they are missing!


The Scrapbook is your area; it's where we publish personal stories of Turunç like movies and holiday memories and our famous Turunç Diary.

Please send us your memories and we'll be delighted to include them.


In the Information section you'll find a host of useful resources that will help you really enjoy your visit - links to other tourist websites, Turkish words and phrases to impress the locals (and your friends) - it's all here.

We also give some history about this site and thanks to all those who have helped us.

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